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WorldViews WAIS contains more than 2800 annotated bibliographical records drawn from the 1994-1995 edition of the Third World Resource Directory and from recent issues of WorldViews (formerly Third World Resources). The fulltext database contains records of print and audiovisual resource materials from around the world on a broad range of regions, countries, and current affairs topics.

WorldViews WAIS may be searched for free, but we ask that you send us a note and tell us how you used the database and what improvements you would like us to make in future editions. Write to:

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The information in WorldViews WAIS is compiled by WorldViews, an affiliate of the DataCenter. The printed materials referenced in WorldViews WAIS are available for use in the DataCenter Library in downtown Oakland. Contact the DataCenter's Search Service or WorldViews for additional information about the regions, countries, or topics covered in the materials in WorldViews WAIS.

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