Publications issued by or forthcoming from WorldViews include:
Quarterly Magazine
Third World Resource Directory 1994-1995
Third World Resource Directory 1997-1999
Directory of Organizations
Africa World Press Guide

Quarterly Magazine

Since 1984 WorldViews has published a quarterly review of print and audiovisual resources from and about the Third World: Third World Resources (ISSN 8755-8831). The title of the quarterly magazine changed to WorldViews: A Quarterly Review of Resources for Education and Action with Volume 12, Number 1, January-March 1996. Librarians, educators, human rights workers, political activists, and others use the magazine to identify and acquire print and audiovisual resources that offer fresh perspectives on critical world affairs.

Each issue of the 28-page magazine contains descriptions and evaluative reviews of

  • Organizations
  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • Pamphlets
  • Films and videotapes
  • Audiotapes and compact discs
  • CD-ROMs

    The Table of Contents from a recent issue of the quarterly illustrates the breadth of coverage and the diversity of resource materials in the magazine.

    Advertising Rates and Schedules

    The WorldViews quarterly contains display and classified advertising of print and audiovisual resources that are in keeping with the purpose of the magazine. The back page of each issue features a Directory of Organizations with 30-word descriptive organizational listings.

    A ratecard is available with fees and schedules.

    Electronic Version

    Issues of WorldViews: Resources for Education and Action are being prepared in Portable Document Format (PDF) versions for viewing on the Internet with Adobe Acrobat. Contact WorldViews for more information.

    Diskette Version

    WorldViews is preparing a diskette version of its quarterly magazine that will allow free-text searching of back issues of the quarterly. The diskette will be usable on DOS-based computers and requires no additional software to run. Contact WorldViews for more information.

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    Third World Resource Directory 1994-1995

    In spring 1994 Orbis Books (New York) published an 800-page directory of print, audiovisual, and organizational resources on Africa, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean, and the Middle East entitled: Third World Resource Directory 1994-1995 (ISBN 0-88344-941-2). The directory, compiled and edited by WorldViews directors Thomas Fenton and Mary Heffron, contains annotated, indexed, and cross-referenced listings of some 2,500 books, periodicals, pamphlets, videos, audio tapes, and other resources on Third World regions and topics. Also included is a comprehensive Directory of Organizations with full contact information for more than 2,300 international publishers and distributors of Third World-related print and audiovisual resources. Five indexes guide readers to individually numbered entries throughout the directory.

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    Third World Resource Directory 1997-1999

    Publication of the next edition of the Third World Resource Directory has been postponed for the time being in order to allow for experimentation with online versions of the content of the directory prior to the appearance of the print edition.

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    Directory of Organizations

    The Third World Resource Directory 1994-1995 contained a 51-page Directory of Organizations with full-contact listings of publishers and distributors of print and audiovisual resource materials around the world. Titles and bibliographical data for other directories of organizational information were also supplied (e.g., An Alternative Directory of Non-Governmental Organizations in South Asia and the International Directory of Non-Governmental Organizations Working for Environmentally, Socially, and Economically Sustainable Development). Expanded and updated editions of the Directory of Organizations are available from WorldViews in a variety of print and electronic formats.

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    AFRICA: Africa World Press Guide

    WorldViews has produced the manuscript for a popularly styled annotated guide to resource materials from and about Africa. The print edition of the guide, entitled Africa World Press Guide, is scheduled to be published in fall 1996 by Africa World Press (Lawrenceville, N.J.). An electronic edition of the Africa resource guide is available in draft form at a WorldViews Web site.

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