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World Wide Web Sites

Beginning from the home page of WorldViews readers can visit the following sites on the World Wide Web:

  • WorldViews Resource Center: a public-access library and information center
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    Wide Area Information Server

    The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is hosting more than 2800 fully annotated bibliographic records in its Wide Area Information Server or WAIS (pronounced "ways"). The records were all developed by WorldViews and have been published in either the organization's quarterly magazine or in directories such as the Third World Resource Directory 1994-95.

    The WorldViews WAIS database is available for free searching, but we would appreciate a note telling us how you used the information in the database. Contact: .

    The following is an example of a typical WorldViews WAIS record:

    TITL=The Waste Invasion of Asia: A Greenpeace Inventory
    IAUT=Simon Divecha et al., eds.
    PUBL=Greenpeace USA
    CITY=Washington, DC
    DATE=January 1994
    PAGS=94 pp.
    CONT=Executive summary, case studies.
    DESC="Locked out of most of the rest of the world," this Greenpeace 
    report explains, "waste traffickers are making a last-ditch effort 
    to preserve a welcome home for the industrialised world's waste 
    in Asia."
    _The Waste Invasion of Asia_ opens with an overview of the scope 
    of the problem and an explanation of the origins of toxic-waste dumping 
    on a global scale. The report identifies the major industrial nations--the 
    "Sinister Seven"--who are most responsible for the export 
    of hazardous wastes and then presents two lengthy case studies to 
    illustrate the pattern of waste shipments to Asia. The case studies 
    involve plastics recycling in Asia and the dumping of incinerator 
    ash from Philadelphia in the Indian Ocean.
    The bulk of this invaluable report is given to an inventory of "schemes 
    and national policies" on a country-by-country basis (from Australia 
    to Vietnam). Most of the seventeen country profiles contain information 
    in three categories: national policy; waste import statistics; and 
    waste import schemes.

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    Gopher Sites

    WorldViews has produced a series of resource guides on critical world issues that are available as downloadable text files at gopher://

    Issues covered include:

    Resource guides on other issues will be added on a regular basis. Watch for notices in the "What's New" section of the WorldViews home page (

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