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The Directory of Organizations published in the Third World Resource Directory 1994-95 contains the names and addresses of all of the organizations whose resource materials are cataloged in the directory. The directory also contains a selection of other Third World-related nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). An expanded and updated Directory of Organizations is available from WorldViews in a variety of formats: print, diskette, and pressure-sensitive mailing labels.

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For the names and addresses of additional international nongovernmental organizations consult the following directories and guides:

[NOTE: addresses are given as they appeared in the 1994 directory. Check with WorldViews--see address below--for corrections and updated addresses.]

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Earlier directories compiled and published by Third World Resources include:

All of these directories contain lists of international nongovernmental organizations. Each issue of the quarterly magazine published by WorldViews contains a four-page regional guide with up-to-date listings of organizations concerned with the Middle East (January-March issue), Asia and the Pacific (April-June), Africa (July-September), and Latin America and the Caribbean (October-December).

See also standard library reference directories such the Encyclopedia of Associations--International Organizations (Gale Research), International Research Centers Directory (Gale Research), and the Yearbook of International Organiz ations (Union of International Associations/K. G. Saur).

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WorldViews welcomes recommendations for other directories of organizations to add to this list and would appreciate notice of needed corrections and updates.

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