AFRICA: Africa World Press Guide

WorldViews AFRICA has compiled an annotated guide to print and audiovisual resources from and about Africa. An electronic edition of portions of the Africa World Press Guide is available on the Wor ld Wide Web. The print edition of the 200-page guide is available from Africa World Press (Lawrenceville, New Jersey).

Project Aims

This WorldViews AFRICA project has three aims:
  1. To publicize and encourage greater use of the wealth of Africa-related books, pamphlets, periodicals, and audiovisual resources that have been produced and are being distributed by individuals and organizations in Africa and elsewhere.
  2. To magnify the voices of those whose perspectives on Africa are not now adequately represented in the mainstream media and in materials used in libraries and schools outside of Africa.
  3. To encourage critical examination of the root causes of the "problems" that laypeople associate with Africa (e.g., hunger, refugees, conflict) and, at the same time, to balance these with a celebration of the history, the accomplishments, and the visi ons of Africa's peoples.
WorldViews AFRICA welcomes recommendations for print and/or audiovisuals resource materials to be included in future editions of the Africa World Press Guide. See contact information below.

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